Foreigners Conditions to Obtain Driving License

02.01.2024 13:08


All foreigners who have residence permit or education permit for more than 6 Months in Turkey can obtain the Driving License.

You must be at least 18 years old in order to drive a car ( B class ). 

Manuel or automatic driver's license options avaible.

Required Documents for Foreigners are the following:

1) Certified copy of Passport,Translated and Notarized at the Turkish Government.

2) Residence permit (Ikamet) or education permit

3) Turkish I.D. (copy and original),

4) Certified copy of the Education Certificate, Translated and Notarized at the Turkish government.

5) Criminal report obtained from your local courthouse (12 month validity)

6) Health report and blood group certificate, either from a state or private clinic

7) Two (2) Biometric photos recently taken (Last 6 months).


Electronic Exam Lessons Subjects:

Traffic and Environment,

First Aid Knowledge,

Vehicle Technique,

Traffic Rules and Etiquette.


Question Distribution (Totally 50 Questions):

Traffic and Environment (23)

First Aid Knowledge (12)

Vehicle Technique (9)

Traffic Rules and Etiquette (6)

Score to pass the exam is 70%. (35 right answers of 50 Questions)

Russian, English, German, French or Arabic languages options avaible


Driving Exam:driving exam ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Total Training hours are (12) for exam

The driving Exams will be made at the same place with the same Vehicle.

Trainers will teach you all you need to do during the exam.

Trainees who pass the exam can apply at any population administration center with the driving certificate that given from our institution.




Courses Fee: 15.000 TL

Electronic Exam Fee:

 400 TL

Driving Exam Fee:

 750 TL

Converting Fee:

5165 TL

Total Fee: 21.115 TL

These prices are only for ''2024'
İf u have A, A1 or A2 class driver's licence and want to add B class; u will only join to driving exam.

Applying for a Turkish license if u already have a foreign license:

U can drıve for 6 months with your foreign driver's license but ıf u will stay more than 6 months in Turkey, u had to convert your foreign licence into Turkish licence.

You wish to receive a Turkish license and already have a foreign license, you are still not required to take the national driving test. Instead, you must obtain and submit the following documents

Required documents:

1) Valid driving license notarised translation in Turkish

2) Residence permit (Ikamet) or education permit

3) Turkish I.D. (copy and original)

4) Two (2) passport-sized photographs

5) Criminal report obtained from your local courthouse (12 month validity)

6) Health report and blood group certificate, either from a state or private clinic 

7) Receipt of payment of license fee (depending on vehicle class)





Type A

2528 TL



Type B

5165 TL



Type D&C

7805 TL


You can pay the licence fee from Halk Bank or Ziraat Bank ATM'S






Kartsız İşlemler

Fatura ve Ödemeler

Ödeme İşlemleri

Diğer Ödemeler

Vergiler ve Resmi Kurumlar

Sürücü Belgesi Ödemeleri

Sürücü Belgesi ve Kimlik Yenileme

İlk Başvuru ve Sınıf Ekleme

Sürücü Belgesi İşlemleri

Select Type

İlk Başvuru/Sınıf Ekleme

Turkish Identıty Number

Select Type

Press ''Nakit''

Turkish Identıty Number

Put The Money İn

Put The Money İn

Don't Forget to Get the Receipt

Don't Forget to Get The Receipt


Your original license is not returned to you on completion of the process, sent back to your country. 

You will only have Turkish driver's licence

All driver's license procedures were taken from the General Directorate of Security and given to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. Therefore, you have to go to any population administration center to make the conversion of a foreign driver's license into a Turkish driver's license.

You must make an appointment before you go.

For appointment call ''199'' or '' ''

 You have a driver's license but you're afraid to drive in city traffic!

no traffic gif ile ilgili görsel sonucu

We prepare you safely for Bodrum traffic with driving lessons we will do with our fully equipped vehicles that have taken all safety precautions.

Our Driving School is the only driving school in Bodrum where you can learn to drive with English speaking instructors.

Our driving school is in Bitez. 

If u want to learn to drive with a professional instructor, please contact us.

Courses fee for driving lesson:

(1 hour lesson 650 TL)


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